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Delphi is one of the most widely used software development tools today. It provides high performance, multithreaded solutions that have been tried and tested for ultimate efficiency. It gives cost-effective business solutions and enhances performance satisfaction. TAJ uses Delphi for eCommerce solutions, scientific engineering and legacy data systems.

SiteLogger is a site crawler/spider that analyzes eCommerce website pages to capture and track page, product, image, external links information and other SKU attributes required by the client. TAJ experts use SiteLogger to help business owners meet client demands, while getting the most out of their current systems.

SiteWatcher is an inspection and reporting tool that uses a customized IE browser to inspect hundreds of SKUs on an eCommerce site. It produces results in a fraction of the time, improving daily business transactions. TAJ can provide SiteWatcher integration for any business looking to achieve better performance and scalability.

SiteFlow is a workflow tool with innovative features, not found in commercially available systems. TAJ professionals use SiteFlow software to enhance database performance and help deliver better results through process optimization. It also offers non-intrusive integration with other enterprise systems and promotes flexibility.

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