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cTrack is a Professional Services Automation Tool designed specifically for consulting practices. It acts as our consultant data warehouse, allowing recruiters and account executives to store and search candidate information.

cTrack allows TAJ to manage its consulting business:
• Customer requisition tracking
• Recruiting
• Timecard functions
• Candidate resumes, testing and application processes
• Human Resources information
• Project Catalog

cTrack supports internal processes, permitting us to focus on client relationships.

In addition to supporting project and staffing work, cTrack provides reports used for legal, human resources, marketing and sales, front and back office and executive management.
TAJ’s internal professional services automation tool, cTrack, ensures the consultant is the best person for the project. Designed specifically for consulting practices, cTrack automates the entire consultant employment life cycle. It supports recruiting, legal, human resources, marketing and sales, front office and executive management functions.

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