Analytics & Big Data

Turning big data into big insights

TAJ provides innovative analytics and data management services that help organizations discover and unlock value from their data.

As data continues to grow in scope and complexity, we help you harness key insights from your data to solve complex problems, drive decision-making, and gain a competitive advantage.

Our data scientists work closely with your team to employ the right data strategies, services, and technologies to leverage the value of your data analytics potential. We employ the latest methodologies and tools to uncover and deliver actionable analytics and applications that are specific to your business.

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Industry Solutions

We utilize our industrial-strength analytics and data management expertise across a broad range of challenges and industries, including genomics, bioinformatics, healthcare, retail, social media, finance, and government.

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Data Science + Business Analysis

By combining data science expertise with traditional business analysis, our team of data scientists adopt a comprehensive approach in helping you gain powerful analytical insights.

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Why work with TAJ

We create customized solutions and services that help you achieve your business imperatives.

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Cloud Development

We provide cloud-based applications and solutions for your business intelligence, analytics and data management. Through cloud-based technologies, we offer comprehensive support for your data sources, data models, computation power, and storage/sharing of results.

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The Right Tools and Technology

We use advanced technologies and employ best-practices approach in creating the tools and solutions that support data discovery, data retrieval, computation power, data visualization, and collaboration.

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Iterative Approach

As your challenges are specific and unique, we first identify the right data sets and analytic approach needed to deliver results for you. Through our iterative process in acquiring and analyzing your data, we then empower you to understand your data and improve your business outcomes.

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Advanced Analytics

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of advanced analytic solutions that allow you to discover opportunities you would otherwise miss. Our solutions include big data mining, search engine analytics, workload optimization, peta-scale user data solutions, and high performance computing.

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TAJ is a leading end-to-end IT services company, enabling clients to leverage technology and innovation to succeed in today's competitive landscape.

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