Scientific Data Management

Collect, analyze and manage your scientific data seamlessly and efficiently

TAJ develops data management tools, computational and statistical methods, and advanced biomedical software solutions for the NCBI.

TAJ offers a full suite of cutting-edge software tools and services that play a pivotal role in advancing biomedical science and research. For over 20-years, TAJ has partnered with the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), helping bolster existing programs, develop new tools, and produce solutions that solve today's most complex bioscience challenges.

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Genomic Research Experience

Our experts have broad and deep genomic research experience, including working closely with NIH/NCI scientists on multi-platform, next-generation data sequencing for the NIH Cancer Genome Work Bench (CGWB) project.

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Advanced Data Management

TAJ's comprehensive data management solutions include converting and loading schema, tables and data contents from other databases to Oracle, normalizing the database, and establishing performance tuning, backup and restore procedures.

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Full stack web development, search and indexing, data cleansing, algorithm development and artificial intelligence.

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Biomedical Literature & Image Retrieval

Our team has advanced biomedical literature and image retrieval by creating cutting-edge computational and statistical methods that enhance content-based image retrieval (CBIR), image analysis, and multi-modal image retrieval.

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Unified Data Management

TAJ can unify your data platforms and use your existing RDBMS-based replication and data warehousing environment, providing you a single source to perform data processing, analytics and visualization.

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3D Visualization Tools

We have developed three-dimensional visualization applications that facilitate the interactive examination of sequence-structure relationships and superposition of geometrically similar structures in Cn3D software programs.

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Biological Annotation

We have categorized and annotated nucleotide/protein data sets by implementing applications, algorithms, and pipelines that can process input data and pass executed results in parallel on a cluster/host farm.

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