Managed Staffing

Managed Services Staffing

CMMI-SVC, Level 3 Certified Staffing Services

TAJ has over 30-years of experience helping organizations meet their unique talent needs, save costs, and ensure operational efficiency.

We help you streamline and manage all the process steps associated with your contingent staff, independent contractor, and/or SOW engagements. From sourcing and billing to managing operational, financial, compliance and legal matters, we will help you gain control, improve your bottom line, and simplify the complexities of managing your non-employee staff.

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Cost Savings

TAJ can provide substantial cost-savings by helping you streamline your talent acquisition with our just-in-time, managed service talent solutions, reduce your administrative burden, and centralize your payroll and expense tracking.

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Powerful Turnkey Solutions

TAJ provides turnkey managed service solutions including hybrid models where our team augments the client team and is managed by a TAJ Engagement Manager. TAJ Teams are located onsite, offsite or combinations of onsite, offsite and offshore based on client objectives. Our proprietary talent and vendor management system can centralize, manage, and track the internal processes of your project and staffing work, including requisition, recruiting work-flow, onboarding and compliance, timecard functions, and project catalog. Dashboards and reports provide the ability to manage KPI metrics.

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Faster Access to Talent

Benefit from our broad and deep network of highly qualified, screened, and on-boarded talent who have been trained on the specific and specialized positions you need. Our dedicated pipelining team continually source qualified candidates to build talent banks. Candidates are vetted for their interest level, experience, geographic preference, technical and soft skills via phone and in-person meetings and they become available to your staffing needs with minimum delay to your projects.

The TAJ Difference

Driving efficiency, visibility, and performance
from your workforce and supplier engagements.

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Broad Expertise

We specialize in management services across a wide range of skill requirements and labor categories including, information technology, healthcare, legal, finance, hospitality, and travel.

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Experience You Can Trust

Benefit from the 30-years of experience and insight we've garnered providing workforce management services for federal, state and local governments and corporate organizations.

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Single Point of Contact

TAJ provides a single point of contact who helps you manage, automate, and optimize the performance of your staffing.

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