Contingent Staffing

Contingent Staffing

Helping you find the right talent

TAJ can help you find the very best talent you need, when you need them, across a wide range of disciplines and industries.

From hiring hard-to-find talent for specialized projects to augmenting your staff for new projects, TAJ can help you meet the changing workforce needs for short or long-term engagements. 

For over 30-years of experience, TAJ has optimized and simplified the process of finding, deploying, and managing contingent staffing for corporate and government entities. We offer a unique combination of resources, processes, and experience that allows us to enhance your productivity and operational efficiencyall the while mitigating your risks and potential compliance issues.

Through various tools and processes we've developed, we streamline your contingent workforce management, and help you reduce costs and optimize operational efficiency.

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Access to Talent Pool

Gain access to our extensive pool of highly qualified, pre-vetted, and on-boarded talent who have been trained on the specific and specialized positions you need.

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Managed Staffing Services

We can manage all aspects of your contingent workforce, helping you gain control of your core business and improve your bottom line. We simplify the complexities of contingent staffing management.

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High Value Staffing

CMMI-SVC-3 certified, TAJ consistently delivers highly motivated, best-in-class talent to meet customer’s high value requirement – at competitive price point.

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Become more agile, flexible and competitive with your workforce.

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Flexible Staffing Solutions

We offer a wide range of staffing solutions tailored to your specific needs, including on-site, off-site, off-shore and hybrid staffing delivery.

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Customized Solutions

We leverage our deep experience and expertise to design contingent staffing solutions that are entirely tailored to your unique needs, requirements and budget.

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Talent Enrichment

We consistently identify, attract and retain great talent. And we also take good care of them by providing on-going education that keeps their skills sharp and current.

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