Catalyzing the Recruitment Process

An insight to the recruitment process and how to be efficient.

Madhumita Bose

The ball starts rolling with Talent Acquisition. To recruit the right talent, and to keep up with fast-moving requirements, it is crucial that we understand what goes into hiring them.

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of Talent Acquisition. People are more comfortable working from home than working onsite. Organizations are looking at WFH or Hybrid options to attract the right talent.

There are many aspects to recruitment and today we will discuss attracting the right talent and accelerating the hiring process.

Talent Acquisition involves – ASIOH - A (Attract). S (Screen). I (Interview). O (Offer). H (Hire). To expedite the hiring process and maintain the quality, we need to adopt changes in the process and do things differently:

  1. To plan better, we can start by considering every recruitment process as a project.
  2. Setting milestones for interviews, feedback and final hiring accelerates the process too.
  3. With many requirements in an organization, setting targets for each month and quarter, helps us focus on increasing manpower and business.
  4. Capture the job description accurately, involve recruiters to discuss the needs and have a clear understanding.
  5. Employer branding is a key aspect in gaining trust of the candidates and attracting the right talent.
  6. Gamification is a new concept, which is widely used by Google. Similar small projects can be implemented for non-healthcare industries. Through this process, we can accelerate elimination, get the candidates acquainted with work expectations if hired, and overall, it is a fun way to evaluate them.
  7. How do we accelerate the process:
    1. DUE DILIGENCE – AVOID SURPRISES: A recruitment process checklist will help with accurate communication and providing the necessary details to candidates.
    2. AUTOMATED TA: Automate the processes. Save time, make it simple for candidates to apply, and save resources later in the process.
    3. TRAIN FOR EFFICIENCY: Train recruiters on ever-changing technologies and skills, as well as standard protocols.
    4. VARIOUS PLATFORMS: Social media and Passive VS Active Hiring are a couple of options that help us move quickly. Creating specialist teams to handle headhunting will help us target different industries and various positions across all levels and domains.
    5. EVENTS: Organize events for specific skillsets or run a diversity & inclusion drive, which will open a large pool of talent and can target different communities and individuals.
    6. BRANDING & SELLING: A lot depends on how we sell. It is important to train recruiters about the company, the brand, the business. While they describe a role to a candidate, it is important that they establish trust in the organization and culture.
    7. OPEN COMMUNICATION: Keep an open channel with candidates. Building relationships is crucial. Connect and keep them aware of the progress, this will help us foster a strong relationship and with future referrals.
    8. DRIVE BY DATA: Drill down on data by linking the recruiting matrix to business outcomes. Clarity on the present situation helps in mapping the gap for future successes.

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