Remote Yet Motivated

The most unexpected circumstances bring out the best in us. While we are in an unprecedented situation, what keeps us going?This article examines self-motivational techniques.

The year 2020 has been the most unpredictable in the recent history of humankind. This year has taught us a lot about change and has affected every corner of our life.

It was not too long back when we had a routine set for our families and ourselves. “WORK FROM HOME” has become the new normal now.

When every day feels like a weekend, the distractions come easy and it can get challenging to keep our focus and motivation. So, what can we do to keep us motivated?

Different motivational factors work on different people, for example, compensation, rewards, recognition, learning new things and being recognized as an SME, challenging work, networking with like-minded people, making a meaningful impact, etc. To stay motivated under the new normal in 2020 will require us to adopt a new approach with these motivational factors.

PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION: There are a few things that can keep us on track. Getting dressed for work even if you are working from home; planning our day in advance with a detailed To-do list and keeping several small targets for the day are a few things that can keep us articulated, focused, and productive.

COMMUNICATE & UPDATE: While we lose the benefit of face to face in-person interaction, there are strategies that can make us feel normal again. Keeping in touch with our team and co-workers through a video call versus just an email, having daily meetings on video, etc can bring that sense of normalcy. This also gives us a clear goal, which we can achieve as a team.

MANAGING DISTRACTIONS: While we are at home, it is easy to be distracted by the needs of our family or by the long list of chores. Managing those during break times; creating a dedicated work zone free of interruptions; drawing a line between work hours and family hours can help us achieve work-life balance and we avoid a lot of distraction.

REWARDS: Rewarding ourselves when we complete our task, achieve a goal or reach a milestone will give us a fresh start, to do the next thing on our list. Going out for a walk or listening to a song or even a scoop of ice cream when you send that presentation or finish a proposal can be very motivating.

All of us have learned a few things from this change. It is a good way to know our potential and how we can add value to our work and career. It has given us the opportunity to take up different tasks and complete them successfully. Made us more responsible and focused.

Going forward when the pandemic will be long gone, these strategies can still help different scenarios of life.

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Content contributed by Madhumita Bose, Client Relationship, and Edited by Sonia Sukumar

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