An Open Letter to Our Community

We know what you are thinking…this is new.

And, our response is yes, yes it is, but we promise it is a good thing! TAJ has poured over your comments and feedback, and we are writing now to tell you, we’ve heard you.

We are proud to announce a new chapter in TAJ Technologies long history. A change that is shifting the way we do business and setting the precedence for company interactions from here on out – a chapter written and catered exclusively to you as our contractors and consultants.

This publication marks the first of many articles written for you, and even potentially by you, as an integral part of the TAJ Community. Through this new TAJ community-centric blog, we will explore the topics most interesting and relevant to you and your projects. Subjects like interview preparation, emerging technologies, and workplace productivity will be at the forefront of TAJ content and together we will build an engaging community for employee interaction and learning.

Moreover, we are renewing our promise as your career advocates, keeping you up-to-date on available job postings and relevant industry material. We will be expanding our social media reach, launching corporate accounts across Facebook and Twitter, as well as revamping our existing Linkedin page so you may have access to new opportunities in real time. Starting today, exciting material will be at your fingertips (yes, literally available on your smart phone, tablets, and desktops via your favorite social network websites and apps), in addition to the TAJ Talent Network.

Current openings, along with employee-driven content, will be available at all times and TAJ hopes it will be the beginning of an era devoted to your development. While different from what you have previously seen, we can all say we are excited! New may not always be better, but in this case, TAJ is glad you can join us in this initiative!

Look for more blog posts in the coming weeks and follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Linkedin!


The TAJ Technologies’ Team


If you are excited by the prospect of the new TAJ blog and wish to submit topics of interest, article ideas, or even contribute through the written word, please reach out to Sydney Thompson, TAJ’s Digital Marketing Specialist, at

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