8 Factors Killing Your Work Productivity and How to Beat Them

In a recent study from Microsoft Corp., researchers found that the attention span of a human has decreased from the 12 seconds previously boasted in 2000, to a meager eight – a demotion placing us in the likes of goldfish (which possess nine seconds of continuous concentration).

What could be the possible culprit? Most likely, your smartphone.

In this mobile age, it isn’t hard to see our everyday distractions can be attributed to multiple-screen use and our digital dependency, but this growing reliance transcends our personal lives. How are we supposed to manage our waning attentions and professional productivity when we spend our valuable time distracted from the work at hand?

Resourceful Manager may have an answer. In the below infographic, the folks at Resourceful Manager lay out the most common office distractions and how to combat them, giving you a glimpse into how productivity-draining activities can impact your efficiency. Take a look and see if you don’t fall victim to these same productivity killers. If you think something important has been overlooked, leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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