Background Checks and Onboarding

Tom Morley

Most companies require some kind of background check when you start a new job. Usually, background checks go back an average of 7 years. If you have had a number of positions it can be challenging to remember important contact numbers, specific details of previous jobs.

A good practice is to create a folder that you can put offer letters, names, and phone numbers/emails of managers and co-workers, yearly paystubs/W2’s, separation letters, letters of recommendation etc. in. This helps document your work history. Also, if one of your previous employers goes out of business or is unresponsive to a request for a background check, documenting previous employment makes verification easier.

Keeping a copy of your degree(s) and transcripts is also a good idea in case verification takes longer than expected.

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Content contributed by Tom Morley, V.P. of Human Resources/Contracts and Edited by Sonia Sukumar

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