Want to Land Your Dream Job? Display Some Grit

You've likely heard of Angela Duckworth.

The professor, speaker, psychologist, and, not surprisingly, a MacArthur Genius Grant Recipient who has shaken up the assumptions surrounding success and it's predictors. However, it wasn't until a few year ago that she was able to answer the illusive question, "who is successful and why?". Duckworth's findings-- Grit.

Throughout her research grit stood out as a significant predictor of success, but how exactly do we define grit? Well, grit is the passion, stamina, and perseverance required to visualize and meet long-term goals. Grit is the characteristic which allows you to remain motivated and stick with your intentions until you see them through.

So, now that you know what it is, how can you display and improve your grittiness - a growth mindset. It's an idea first developed by Carol Dweck of Stanford University, which suggests the ability to learn is not fixed, and that it changes with effort. Dr. Dweck work has shown that when individuals understand that growth comes in response to challenge, they're more likely to persevere when facing failure.

That being said, your growth as a professional relies very much on the same mindset. When you understand that failure is inevitable and not a permanent condition, you too can demonstrate grit. And, let me tell you that is a marketable quality. Talk to it in an interview, showcase it on a project, and integrate grittiness into your everyday goal setting and you will notice returns. Interested in learning more? Watch Angela Duckworth's TED Talk to delve deeper into the science behind the power of grit and see how you can adopt grit as your own predictor of success.

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