Mind Your Manners: Tips for Tackling Contracting Interviews

So you’ve landed an interview with the ideal company - now what?

Our Account Managers recommend three things - read over your job description, prep interview questions, and (of course) brush up on your contracting interview etiquette.

Interview etiquette you may ask, is that needed?

The answer is Yes - Always.

No matter the field, company, or position, making a lasting first impression is often an important factor in determining whether you receive an offer. However, while you may think that your previous projects may speak for themselves, the truth is, your actions and behaviors speak much louder. As a contractor, interview manners are the key to getting noticed and, more importantly, being positively remembered. Take steps to ensure your success; follow these easy tips for pre, mid, and post-interview proprieties and let your skills and personality shine.

Mind Your Manners

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