20 Daily Schedules of the Rich and Famous

I can almost guarantee that you have been asked about your ‘five-year plan’ or ‘long-term goals’ in any recent job interview or review. No matter how you described this future and what it entailed, you likely laid out a detailed account of what you hoped to accomplish and how you were going get there - all perfectly logical. Still, how often do you bring that same deliberation to achieve the everyday tasks?

Productive daily habits are never easy to implement, let alone keep. Thus, in trying to reform my own habits I turned to those with an existing, as well as successful, track record as a source of inspiration. The below When I Work infographic, depicts a day in the life of 20 well-known individuals and the habits that made them so. Hopefully, the deliberate planning of their daily schedules will help you answer the question of how to improve workplace productivity!

The Schedules Of 20 Famous People

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