10 Demotivating Management Practices to Stop Immediately

It is no secret that managers in contract work are tied to the goals, metrics, and accomplishments of the teams and individuals that they oversee. It is certainly no small feat to be a manager, but what happens when management leans too heavily on meeting objectives rather than on the promotion of employee happiness and professional development? Leigh Branham suggests the answer might be turnover.

The author and attraction/retention extraordinaire analyzed over 20,000 anonymous employee exit surveys for his 2005 book 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave. Using these surveys, Branham examined why employees left their jobs and their manager’s opinions pertaining to their reasons for leaving. Through this, Branham found that most managers attributed pay as the primary reason employees quit, however, insufficient pay only accounted for 11% turnover. The number one reason was actually “loss of trust and confidence in senior leaders,” a surprising revelation that caught our attention here at TAJ Technologies.

Considering we have 30 years’ experience placing managers and other professionals in challenging contract positions, we know it isn’t an easy job, but we also recognize the practices to avoid to ensure the success of you and your team. That’s what struck us about OfficeVibes’ Slideshare of 10 motivation-killing management practices. The presentation breaks down harmful management practices into an easily digestible list so you, as a manager, can fight turnover at the source – your own management style.

Whether you’re a manager, intern, or CEO, go ahead and take a look at the Slideshare below and let us know what you think. We would love to hear your opinions regarding demotivating management practices within staffing. Leave your comments below.

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