Boost Your Career Success with Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever come to a manager or mentor with an issue and left their desk not only assured you could tackle the problem but in awe that they managed to say exactly the right thing to put you at ease? While you may think this manager/mentor is simply great at their job, the likely secret to this person's professional success is - Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ for reference) is a combination of both learned or inherent skills and characteristics that when combined, can have a tremendous impact on your career and ultimately your personal success. Author Gordon Tredgold has simplified the approach to honing EQ in his article, “10 Tips for Boosting Your People Skills”. Tredgold outlines the base factors that contribute to Emotional Intelligence in an easy to digest article (complete with the infographic for those of you who are more visual), and his advice is applicable even for the most advanced business person. All too often we rush through each and every interaction in the business and networking world, but if we slow down and aim to see as well as interpret interactions, we can learn and grow from it. 

This holiday season we challenge you to grow your EQ and professional development by learning as a business professional. What factors have you mastered? Which do you want to improve upon? This infographic functions as your personal tools to start incorporating these Emotional Intelligence tips and communication management skills into your daily interactions.

Easy Ways Improve Emotional Intelligence Sales
10 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence and Become a Better Leader, by Gordon Tredgold
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