Who You Gonna Call? A Ghostbuster's Guide to Management

Ghostbusters 670N

If there's something weird and it don't look good, who you gonna call?Your Manager?

It may not be the answer you expected, but maybe it should be? Managers are important to the inner working of any office and an individual managers can make or break the employee experience. So how can a manager fine tune their skills to not only produce for their company but also those who report to them --- by taking some tips from everyone's favorite paranormal wrangling crew, The Ghostbusters.

Whether you're hearkening back to the 1984 film or even looking to the 2016 reboot, there are a number of managerial staffing pointers you can take from this humorous team.

The main takeaways?

1. Don't be afraid to cross streams: teams and differing views allowing you to achieve great results, embrace them.
2. Keep your ghosts contained: reoccurring problems are a reality in management, but don't let them get you down. Identify and contain them asap.
3. Go with your gut: trust yourself and you ability to make decisions. You were chosen to lead, so go ahead and lead.
4. Get approval from your higher-ups: nothing will get done if you're working around your company's leadership. Include them in your plan and get the needed approval before moving forward.
5. Negative attitudes create a river of slime: managers should aim to keep employee morale high. Negative attitudes and feelings will drain the life from work teams.
6. Don't shy away from asking tough questions: its your job as a manager to ask the hard question - don't shy away from it. If you don't ask these questions, who will?
7. Mind over marshmallow matter: aim to stay calm during a crisis, your employees are looking to you for leadership.
8. Be a cheerleader for your employees: everyone enjoys a little recognition, be the one to give that recognition and you'll elevate your entire team.

Managers, read on for more ghostbusting managerial advice and a fresh (and might I add seasonal) approach to leading in the workplace.

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