7 Lifehacks for a Productive Holiday Season

I don’t know about you, but the holidays tend to stress me out.

Trying to find a balance between contract work and holiday prep is not only tiring, but it's also time-consuming. We spend countless hours researching which recipes to try, what gifts to give, and struggling to solidify plans – all the while attempting to complete our regular work. What is to blame for all this grief? The answer: multitasking.

I fall victim to this bad habit all the time, and it turns out it’s been slowly chipping away at my workplace output. In fact, research has shown that undertaking multiple tasks at once can lower productivity up to 40%.

Cut through all the excuses of holiday productivity with this Weekdone infographic. They have contractors productivity-enhancing hacks to help you tackle the turkey and the next year's corporate planning with the same finesse.

Highly Effective Strategies Optimizing Time Infographic

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