How to Handle Negative Thoughts and Feelings at Work

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May marks mental health awareness month and we believe that every employee deserves a happy and healthy place of work.

Regardless of how much you enjoy your career, there is bound to come a time when you experience work-related negativity. It may come in the form of a difficult coworker or a project you just can't get off the ground, but in either instance, a negative state of mind can impact your work productivity and even your safety on the job. Moreover, negative emotions can lead to stress which can be detrimental to your personal mental health and wellbeing.

While not all of these thoughts can be avoided, when they do arise there are plenty of effective ways to cope with them. QuickQuid has done the work to put together this helpful infographic to address the question of how to handle negative feelings. Have a look, and practice these emotional agility techniques the next time you find yourself feeling down on the job.

Design How To Handle Negative Thoughts And Emotions At Work

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