The Best Ways to Start and End Your Summer Work Day

Memorial Day has come and gone and you know what that means - It's officially summer.

And with summer comes many warm-weather distractions. Whether you're looking forward to a post-work meet up with friends at your favorite restaurant patio or a weekend beach getaway, it is easy to find your mind elsewhere at work. But the threat of unproductive schedule shouldn't keep you from enjoying your summer, all you need to do is work smarter.

With the addition of a few simple practices to the start and end of your work day you can achieve more and enable work life balance. Investing in your morning routine and taking some time to think through what you want to accomplish can help you remain motivated and focused throughout the day. Using these practices you'll be able to finish your day with the reassurance of work well done, feeling refreshed, and the ability to focus on passions outside of work.

Instead of worrying about managing your summer plans and work schedule, attempt to shift your mindset. With the implementation of a few simple alterations to the makeup of your day you can build and reinforce habits that will allow you to be a successful and enjoy your summer. Take a look at the Fundera infographic below for more tips on how best to start and end your summer work day.

180420 Infographic First And Last Moments At Work

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