One Easy Fix For A More Productive Work Week

We’re always looking to up our productivity.

From Fidget Spinners to office layouts, every six months or so you can count on a new fad to come around to cleverly address unproductive work habits, but truth be told, keeping up with every productivity trend can be a bit tiresome.

Well, it turns out that fatigue, whether it is from trying to achieve productivity ( I don't know about you, but trying to keep a Fidget Spinner aloft is exhausting) or simply a lack of sleep, might be the more likely culprit of office inefficiency.

In fact, according to Wrike, the typical employee - shockingly - works more hours in a day than they sleep. However, before you dismiss this as 24-hour access to email, know there are real-life consequences. Many employees who suffer from sleep-related issues report experiencing reduced productivity, diminished short and long-term memory, as well as impaired decision-making - oh, and we mention lack of sleep is potentially responsible for more than $63 billion in lost productivity for US companies?

Yeah. These problems are real.

So what's a drowsy contractor to do?
It's simple; cut down on caffeine, incorporate meditation into your daily routine, and embrace the 'no screens before bed' rule. Looking for more sleep tips? One word: Naps.

For the full sleep productivity story, check out the infographic below.

Sleep And Productivity Infographic Wrike

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