6 Tech Jobs Experiencing Crazy Growth in 2017 and Beyond

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The tech industry is constantly changing and employment within its confines (especially as a contractor) is no exception. However, over the coming years, contracting jobs in tech are expected to change - and change for the better. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech job creation is expected to outpace the nation’s job growth rate of 6.5 percent over the next decade with a tech job creation rate of 12 percent.

But in which areas will we see the most growth? Which specific tech jobs will boom in the coming decade? In which sectors will contracting and staffing flourish? Look no further than the list below.

Software Application Developers

Sitting pretty at an 18.8% job growth rate, Application developers have a bright future. Whether these professionals are creating apps for mobile or desktop, a variety of industries are finding value in their services. Moreover, as we continue to expand upon the Internet of Things there will be an increased need of development professionals.

UX Designers

The position of UX designer is ranked 9th on Glassdoor's 2017 Best Jobs in America List, and this group (and its ranking) are only expected to grow. As companies move into future, there will likely be an increased focus on using innovation to enhance the customer and employee experience. Which will, in turn, lead to the hiring of a slew of UX and UI developers - TAJ has already seen an increase in the number of requisitions within this vertical

​Computer Systems Analysts

An important, but often underappreciated role, Computer Systems Analysts are expected to experience 21% Job uptick by 2024. These tech professionals work through the company process and procedures to create information system solutions - the genuine intersection between business and IT. This role is one we’re glad to see make the list!

Information Security Analysts

As we begin to file more are more information on our devices and on the cloud, there is a need for people to keep it safe. Employees and contractors in security positions are integral to take a proactive approach in the prevention, detection, and response to information security problems. Jobs within this field are anticipated to rise 18% through 2024.

Website Developers

This I get. We are in the middle of a website redesign (woohoo!) and it takes an army of incredibly competent individuals to create the ideal end product. From design to hosting to SEO, Web Developers wear multiple hats to ensure you receive an intuitive and functional website. Website Developers can expect to see 27% job growth over the next ten years.

​Support Specialists

The heroes of any workplace, IT Support Specialists are always there to save the day and help users address their computer issues. They’re vital cog in the corporate machine to encourage productivity and efficiency, especially when it comes to installation of new programs and systems. So it will come as no surprise that these IT pros will see 12% job growth.

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