Top Business Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Business podcasts are an excellent way to stay inspired and informed. Whether you need a distraction during a long-winded commute or are interested in brushing up on industry trends while you work, podcasts are the perfect mechanism to keep up with professional development on your own time. However, with hundreds of business and life skills-related podcasts out there, where do you start?

Here are 11 of our favorite business and career-focused podcasts that you won't want to miss. Listen, learn, and enjoy.

1. NPR’s Planet Money

Understanding the economy and money is essential to career success, but navigating the ideas, trends, and truths behind these topics can be tricky. Planet Money cuts through all the jargon and confusion and lays everything out in a clear and (no, I am not crazy) entertaining manner. It’s a half hour commitment for a more informed economic future.

2. Productivityist Podcast

We are constantly talking about productivity and let’s be honest – we could all use a little more. This is where the Productivityist Podcast comes in handy. This weekly podcast equips you with the tools and insightful interviews to take charge of your procrastination.

3. Harvard Business Review Ideacast

An intuitive podcast from an intuitive publication. The HBR Ideacast aims to make the ideas of leaders in the fields of business and management accessible to all. With weekly episodes, you have the ability to explore the ideas and conversations of the Harvard Business Review in a new and interactive way.

4. Career Tools Podcast

Career Tools is a weekly podcast dedicated to enhancing the careers of its listeners. Whether you are a job seeker, a contractor, or happily employed there is an episode for you.

5. WSJ What’s News

Pressed for time, but still want to jump on the podcast bandwagon? The Wall Street Journal’s What’s News is the perfect means to keep abreast with business and popular stories throughout the day. From breaking news to engaging interviews with leading executives, economists, and reporters, each episode will undoubtedly lead to a slew of interesting office conversations.

6. The Voice of Job Seekers

With a slogan like ‘Unemployed, underemployed, unappreciated job seekers welcomed!’ you can sure you will see results. An extension of the highly-popular blog, Mark Anthony Dyson’s The Voice of Job Seekers Podcast aimed at equipping its listeners with the real-life job advice in a challenging employment environment. It’s your weekly commitment to professional development.

7. Art of Charm

Whether you are after a specific job or just an opportunity for professional development, Art of Charm functions as a phone-sized mentor that you take with while walking the dog, in between meetings, or even during your lunch hour. From best-selling authors to academics to social scientists, Hosts Al and Jordan interview top professionals to make you a better ‘networker, connector, and thinker’.

8. Money Talking

If you are a regular reader of the TAJ Blog, you likely won’t be surprised by the inclusion of WNYC’s Money Talking Podcast – I often sing the praises of their interviews. Host, Charlie Herman, goes above and beyond to break down current headlines so listeners can gain a better understanding of over-arching business trends, the workplace, and more importantly – coworker relations. You are guaranteed to learn something about life and your career each time you listen.

9. The Broad Experience

A woman in the workplace? Discover a podcast which addresses the unique issues that face the professional woman. In The Broad Experience, host Ashley Milne-Tyte brings topics and guests from every corner of the corporate world to help women make sense of big questions and ultimately find success.

10. How I Built This

I know, I know – I am a big fan of NPR shows – but, no professional podcast list is complete without How I Built This. It's a podcast for all entrepreneurs, big thinkers, innovators, iconoclasts, and the stories behind their success.

11. The Tim Ferriss Show

You’ve likely heard of the bestselling book, The 4-Hour Workweek, and if not, the idea might sound like a pretty great premise. Either way, Author Tim Ferriss brings the same liveliness and candor of his book to his intuitive podcast. During Ferriss’ bi-weekly airtime he breaks down the achievements of leaders in finance, sports, comedy, and journalism just to name a few, in order to equip his listeners with practical tools, tactics, and tricks.

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